Future Content: The Contrapositive

Future Content: The Contrapositive

In January 2013, I am launching new online publication called The Contrapositive.

The content will largely be narrative-based, in the style of short vignettes around 900 words. The intent is to merge original fiction/creative prose with architecture and design.

From The Contrapositive’s ‘about’ page:

By definition, the contrapositive is a logical relationship between two propositions or statements inferred by negating the initial terms and reversing their order (from all A is B to all not-B is not-A). Its use as the title of the site is both sincere and tongue-in-cheek. 

In essence, The Contrapositive can be seen as a collection of pieces where presumptions are cast aside in favor for rigorous inquiry into our relationship with the built environment. However, we also appreciate the value of pure description and we will often present a piece devoid of analysis or commentary. This allows the observer to draw his or her own conclusions, or to draw none at all.

Inspired by logic we explore axioms, contingencies, syllogisms, oppositions, and disjunctions. We are interested in setting contrasting positions against one another. We are interested in exposing myths. We are interested in challenging assumptions. We are interested in experiencing the world with open eyes.